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Written by Administrator
Sunday, 03 April 2011 23:49

CSI Logistics provides International shipping of heavy machinery, cranes, trucks, buses, factory relocation projects and project cargo. We can ship heavy cargo from East Coast ports, West Coast ports and the Gulf ports to any worldwide destination. CSI will ship any type of cargo regardless of size. Special technicians and engineers use tools such as cranes and other machinery to safely maneuver the customers’ cargo onto the ships and vessels for transportation. When a customer wants to move machinery from one shop to another, CSI is qualified for the job. Relocation is a common endeavor for companies that are looking to expand or conquer new territory, expanding customers’ territory to the world.

Allow CSI to make the transition of expanding business throughout the world by being on board and listening to the plans of what needs to be moved to another place. Anything that needs to be transferred and shipped to another part of the world is welcome at CSI and we guarantee satisfaction whether you’re a construction company or a business firm.

CSI takes shipping to a new higher standard and will accommodate anything a customer requires. The times are changing and in order to thrive, every Company deserves the opportunity to easily make decisions and find people easy to work with, our skilled engineers and technicians are there for our customers and will continue to provide again and again. No job is too big for CSI and all machinery, files, entire offices and even cranes will be moved safely and taken care of as if they were our own.

With our supply of tools and engineers, we can conquer the largest projects with ease for the customer. Relax and let us help your business. Plan big and open your options with CSI, we will take care of every need that you may have.

Contact us for further information about our services.

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